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Silver Chakra Silhouette Pendant TPD854
Silver Chakra with Gems Pendant TPD857
Sahasrara Crown Chakra Silver Pendant TPD1973
Inspired by Dali Cross Pendant MPD2653
Dancing Lotus Silver, Gold & Gemstone Ring TRI580
Dancing Lotus Silver, Gold & Gemstone Earrings MER520
Celtic Knotwork Silver, Gold & Gemstone Necklace MNC162

 Since a time before history, when the first people would find stones polished by streams, mankind has attached special meaning and purpose to minerals. Used throughout history from everything to healing, luck and decoration to currency and tributes to the gods, our love of these magnificent natural wonders has not diminished in any way.

 Within this website you will find fascinating information about the history, meaning and power of gemstones and precious metal.

 * The healing and metaphysical properties information is of historical value only; it is not intended to replace proper medical care, and is not intended to treat or cure disease. See your health care professional for all health problems and concerns. Peter Stone is not responsible for injury as a result of misuse of this information.

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