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Aquamarine Aquamarine
A pale blue to bluish green, aquamarine is a member of the beryl family along with emerald and heliodor. Aquamarine is the most common of the beryl stone type and can often be found in large pieces.

A Little History:
The name is based on the Latin words meaning, of course, sea water. It was believed in the Middle Ages that by wearing a aquamarine that you would gain foresight and freedom from insomnia. Sailors have held that it is the treasure of mermaids, and can help to keep seamen safe of rough seas. Aquamarine has been found in very large masses, in 1920 a piece weighing 243 pounds was unearthed in Brazil. You can find a flawlessly cut aquamarine in The British Museum of Natural History weighing in at 879.5 carats.

Healing & Metaphysical Properties:
This stone has been used to reduce fluid retention as well as strengthen the kidneys, liver, spleen, and thyroid. This makes Aquamarine an excellent stone for use in general detoxification of the body. Aquamarine can bring clarity and focus of thought to the wearer. This can intensify creative skills, reasoning and vocal communication.

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