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Aventurine Aventurine
Aventurine is a type of quartz. Its color varies from a reddish brown or yellow to green and blue and usually has inclusions of mica or scales of iron-oxide which intensify the radiance of this stone and give it the appearance of having “sparkles”.

A Little History:
Aventurine is named for the famous aventurine-glass crafted in Venice due to the similarities between this type of glass and the yellowish aventurine. In ancient Tibet the stone was sacred. Representing the eyes of gods in their statue craft, aventurine symbolized the power of divination. The green variety, sometimes called Indian Jade, is mainly found in India, Brazil and China. This green type was held in very high regard by the Chinese and was prized over jade.

Healing & Metaphysical Properties:
Because of its history with divination, aventurine helps in seeing things more clearly, looking past problems to achieve a positive solution. Aventurine is an all purpose healing stone. It is most powerful when used in combination with the heart chakra for soothing or preventing a broken heart. A prosperity stone, aventurine will aid in bringing opportunity that may lead to great wealth.

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