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The sapphire is a stone that generally ranges from royal blue to a dark blue that looks almost black. The sapphire is a member of the corundum family and a close gemological relative of the ruby. Though it is identified with the color blue, sapphires can be found in various other colors like pink (which are sometimes called pink rubies), green, orange, purple and colorless. Incredibly hard, it rates a 9 on the moh’s scale and in second only to diamond.

A Little History:
Sapphire takes its name from the Latin word saphirus as well as the Greek word sappheiros, meaning blue. The most sought after type of sapphire are those that were mined in Kashmir, India. However the mines were mostly depleted before World War II and only a very small amount are taken from these mines toady. The ancient Persians believed that Earth rested on a giant sapphire and its reflection was the reason for the sky’s blue tone.

Healing & Metaphysical Properties:
The sapphire should be worn to aid in developing the "third eye". It is a powerful stone of protection and has been a symbol of divine favor in many cultures. Sapphire has been used as an aid in treating ailments of the eyes. It is also considered a general booster for the immune system, protecting the body in general.


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