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Aventurine Blue Lace Agate
Agate is composed of Chalcedony, which is a fine crystalline quartz. Blue lace agate has distinct bands of microcrystalline layers. Each of these layers of agate crystallizes under different conditions of impurities and temperature. This results distinct banding feature as well as the variance in color.

A Little History:
Blue Lace Agate was only discovered in the last 50 years, by George Swanson in the Kalahari desert of Namibia. All of the commercial blue lace agate on the market comes from this mine just north of the Orange River.

Healing & Metaphysical Properties:
Blue lace agate promotes peace and calm and is a great stone for use in meditation. When worn, this stone’s gentle energy can assist in keeping a person centered in this chaotic world. Generally seen as being connected to the throat chakra, blue lace agate is very helpful in opening up the energies that will increase our verbal expression.


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