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Aventurine Lapis
Lapis is actually classified as rock not a mineral; this is because it is made up of other minerals. Generally lapis is made up of the following: lazurite, hauynite, sodalite, noselite, calcite and pyrite.

A Little History:
The name lapis lazuli is derived from the Latin, lapis, which means stone, and the Arabic, azul, which means blue. First mined in the mountains of Afghanistan lapis found its way across Europe and Asia. Lapis has been used for a spectrum of reasons throughout history. Jewelry, and decor is of course the first things that come to mind. The Egyptians were very fond of the stone, and used it in religious ceremonies, as personal decoration and mixed it with binding agents to create pigment and cosmetics. Many inscriptions of the book of the dead were carved into lapis tablets. In Europe lapis was a stone of the arts. One of the gemstones used in commesso, which is also called Florentine mosaic, lapis' blue color and soft makeup made it a perfect stone for this intricate and delicate art form. As with the Egyptians lapis was ground and mixed to create pigment, the color ultramarine was made up of the stone, and even with its expense it was widely used. Few pigments of the day held up against the test of time like ultramarine, to look at one of these paintings today you will see that the color is still as rich and deep as a moonlit sea.

Healing & Metaphysical Properties:
Lapis is a potent stone for mental and psychic growth and development. When held close to the body lapis improves clarity and objectivity to achieve greater wisdom and understanding of the world without and within. As a healer, lapis can be used to help bring down inflammations and soothe discomfort of the throat.


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