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Silver Chakra Silhouette Pendant TPD854

Price: $39.97


Brand: Pendant

Product Description

One of our most popular items, this Chakra pendant is radiant with the energy of the Chakra centers! A mixture of semiprecious and simulated stones, the light energy going up the woman's body is explosive! The wearer will, surely, feel more energized.

GemStone Details ( from Top to Bottom ):
1)Amethyst(Genius) size 2.0 mm.
2)Sapphire (synthetic) size 2.0 mm.
3)Blue Topaz (Genius) size 2.0 mm.
4)Emerald (Glass) size 2.0 mm.
5)Citrine (Genius) size 2.0 mm.
6)Orange (Cubic zirconia) size 2.0 mm.
7)Garnet (Genius) size 2.0 mm.



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