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Aventurine Rainbow Moonstone
Moonstone is a type of plagioclase feldspar called albite. Moonstone’s most attractive feature is the unique refraction that the stone creates giving it a rainbow effect inside the stone itself. This effect is achieved by two types of feldspar growing together, both with different refractive indexes this creates the indices that give it its mystical luminescence.

A Little History:
The Romans believed that the moonstone was a solid manifestation of the moon’s beams and used frequently in ceremonies honoring Diana. In India the stone is still thought of as sacred today, only being sold on yellow cloth as yellow is a sacred color. The Moonstone Temple of Anuradhapura was built around 100 BC on Ceylon. According to lore, the steps leading into the temple were inlayed with a mosaic of moonstones.

Healing & Metaphysical Properties:
Because of its connection to the moon and the lunar cycle the moonstone has been used for centuries as a tool to heighten intuition and psychic energy. Indian traditions hold that it is a powerful tool in arousing romantic passions, and can be used in matters of love. Told to hold special abilities in child birth and bearing, the moonstone can be used by those or are pregnant or wishing to become so to improve fertility and lessen the pain of child birth.


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