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Aventurine Rhodochrosite
The pink color rhodochrosite shows is caused by manganese In the mineral which is formed when manganese is dissolved by ground water and is combined with a carbonate material which then drips down off the ceiling of caves deep underground. This mineral commonly grows in stalagmites and stalactites in Argentina.

A Little History:
Banded rhodochrosite became a very popular stone during the 1930’s, after it was discovered that a large quantity of high quality material was found in Argentina. Rhodochrosite, though stunning, did not come into use until very recently. This is probably due to it’s relative softness, making it difficult to build with or even fashion items for ornamental purpose.

Healing & Metaphysical Properties:
BThis stone is an important tool in aiding in relieving ailments of the stomach and solar plexus. Best if worn 24 hour a day, Rhodochrosite has specialized use in detoxification of the blood and liver. Encouraging comfort and friendship as well as kindness, this is the perfect stone to help calm the stress of the everyday world.


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