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Aventurine Ruby
Ruby is a variety of corundum or aluminum oxides. The crystal formation for a ruby has a hexagonal base. More Rare than diamonds, rubies have been much sought after treasures for centuries. The largest deposits are located in Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

A Little History:
The name ruby is derived from the Latin rubens, which means red. Throughout history this has been one of the most lavish and popular gemstones. There are multiple biblical references that site the ruby as one of the highest of gemstones. In Rome, Egypt and India the ruby was highly treasured and used for jewelry and decoration of all kinds.

Healing & Metaphysical Properties:
As with many red colored stones, ruby is connected with the heart. Aiding in both the circulatory system and body detoxification, a ruby can be a very powerful healing stone. Bringing things to the surface so that they can be seen and dealt with is another property this stone poses. Wearing a ruby may help to get to the root of negative feeling so that healing can begin.


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