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Aventurine Sodalite
Sodalite is a key component in Lapis, and is sometimes mistaken for it. Sodalite is made up of nearly 25% sodium oxide, hence its name. Sodalite rarely forms crystals (dodecahedrons), instead it is most commonly found massive form.

A Little History:
As a component of lapis lazuli sodalite has been used as far back as history itself in jewelry and stone work. However it was not discovered in its raw solitary from until 1806 when it was uncovered in Greenland. It was another hundred years before this enchanting deep blue stone would come into fashion, when it was found in Canada’s Princess mine.

Healing & Metaphysical Properties:
Sodalite is believed to boost both the metabolism and lymphatic systems. Helping to combat diabetes as well as digestion disorders, sodalite is a potent stone for healing and well-being. A powerful tool in emotional health as well, sodalite can help to instill confidence and creativity to bring a greater and more positive image of self.


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